Receta Masala Chai Cocina de la India

Espaindia Kitchen is our new YouTube Channel with a unique concept of bringing Indian food to Spanish kitchens. Savor authentic and delicious Indian food as you get the recipes delivered to you via our YouTube Channel. We have collaborated with some beautiful Mexican friends who will host our shows and bring across the delectable flavors and fragrant aromas of Indian food to you.

We have been overwhelmed by the love and great hospitality shown to us while our time in Mexico and this is our attempt to bring a taste of India to our amigos and amigas.
Watch out for our videos shot esthetically and in a new approach blending fun and modernity with traditional cooking.
Thank you!

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Receta Masala Chai Cocina de la India

Disfruta cocinando !! En videococina estamos para reunir todas las recetas que existen ! 🙂

Esperamos que os haya gustado la receta y que os salga perfecta !

Un saludo cocineros !!

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